My Spending Pause

So, I have decided to stop spending on all the little extras in order to get out of debt. I was inspired by And Then We Saved’s Spending Fast*, and how she paid off all her debt so quickly.

I have decided I need to change my spending habits, because in about 6 months student loan payments will be due (and that could be up to 450/month). My goals are:

  1. Pay off my car by 8/13
  2. Save up moving costs
  3. Save up 8 month emergency fund

To accomplish this I am on a spending pause, I am not going to spend money on anything that I do not need. Since I live at home still while I am finishing school, the needs list is very very small. Though, my income is rather small as well, because of how busy I am with school. I know I am capable of this, because over a year ago I paid off all my credit card debt, which involved not spending and putting everything to the credit cards. In the year since I paid them off I have gotten more liberal with my spending. Still no debt, and I am saving a decent amount, but I can do better.

So, in order to keep myself accountable I am going to blog my experience. I plan to update this weekly, so that I can keep my self honest and track my successes, which will hopefully motivate me. I am going to work on goal 1 first, since that is the only one that I have decided has a solid deadline. Goal 2 needs to be done before I move out, which will hopefully be sooner than later. Ideally Goal 3 would also be done before moving out, but I am not sure how much longer I can live here before I go crazy lol, so we will see on that one.

Okay, so now I have set this goal for myself, told my friends and family my plan, and also told all of you. I’m not gonna lie, I’m kinda freaking out right now, I like buying the little coffees daily and other little things that I don’t need but add up. It would also be a lot easier to just ignore my financial situation until it becomes a problem. I guess this is being responsible, damn adult-hood lol.


* That is totally trademarked, and I am not trying to infringe on that at all. I will only use it this once, because I want to give her credit for her awesome idea and amazing and inspirational story. 🙂


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